Advanced Machines

Advanced Automation LLC’s MTS robotic work cell is a modular and customizable solution for manufacturing and industrial automation that offers a range of benefits for businesses. It can automate repetitive tasks, improve product quality, increase workplace safety, and improve the bottom line by reducing costs and improving productivity. Its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use make it a compelling solution for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re looking to improve your manufacturing operations, consider investing in the MTS robotic work cell from Advanced Automation LLC. With its advanced technology and customizable design, it can help your business increase efficiency and improve overall productivity. Contact Advanced Automation LLC today to learn more about how the MTS cell can benefit your business.

Turn-Key Machine Tending with MTS™


Compact, Automated Machine Tending System

Transform your production with our Compact, Turn-key Automated Manufacturing System. Perfect for CNC Machine Tending, this solution can be enhanced with automated quality inspections for even greater efficiency and reliability.


Compact, Automated Machine Tending System with Shelf

Maximize performance with the MTS-C's shelf-based system for efficient and effortless loading of work trays.

Extended Unattended Runtime!


Compact Queuing System

Optimize the performance of your machinery with our compact stacking queuing system, extending the unattended run time.


Machine Tending System for Harsh Environments

Hazerdous environment systems designed for Class 1 Div 1 and Div 2 Zones, ideal for painting and other dispensing applications.